Welcome from King Pete!

Welcome to Pistol Pete’s Blog!

Pistol Pete Lee here!!! I am the reigning KING of KVH and have ruled this office since I was a few days old! Dr. Lee and her staff bottle fed me when I was dropped off outside the front door and nursed me to health. I am forever grateful and plan to be the guy-in-charge around here for quite a while!  I see dogs and cats come to visit Dr. Lee when they are feeling puny and follow their cases until they are healthy and able to go home!!! It’s a KING’s job to converse and familiarize with the people of his land!! Traci knows to scratch my belly at least once daily and Nicole knows my treats hide in the bottom drawer of the front desk. I guess you could say my KVH kingdom is well staffed. Cathy brushes my luscious locks of yellow hair and Callan makes sure my bowl is always full. (Dr. Lee says I need to lose a few lbs but ROYALTY deserves a boastful FEAST. They don’t say “Eat like a KING” for nothing!) I’ll be writing in once weekly to fill you in on what’s going on around here. Write me a note on KVH’s Facebook if you have a pet coming in and you need me to keep an eye out for best behavior!!


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