Spring Babies!

Good Morning!

Spring time is here!! Babies, babies, babies!! I’m such a softy when it comes to new life 😉 Dr. Lee delivered a litter of Shetland Sheepdogs last week. That puppy breath gets me every time!!

C-sections can be tricky, but Dr. Lee has got it down to a science! It’s an exciting event in the hospital as all hands are on deck, ready to take a puppy and perform life saving measures if need be! Nicole, Callan, Cathy, and Traci were all helping deliver puppies!! I was there for moral support- I can be a nervous “dad” so I am not allowed in the surgery suite.

My kingdom is best filled with spayed and neutered critters, but these whipper snappers sure are a cute sight!!!

See you next time!!

King Pistol Pete

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