Everyone knows that seeing the doctor is important. Most of us go to the doctor or dentist on an annual or semi-annual basis so that our doctors can monitor changes in our health and keep us on track. Animals need the same care! All pets should receive regular medical care so that their veterinarian can keep an eye on any changes. Our furry friends age at a much faster rate than we do, making regular lab work a must! Animals cannot tell us what they feel or what is going on with them. Lab work will help your pet’s veterinarian to pick up on any subtle changes that could affect the longevity of your pet. Our goal is to be proactive and detect abnormalities rather than treat symptoms of an already ill patient. Lab work is also important in that it can give your pet’s veterinarian some baseline values to compare to, should your pet ever get sick in the future.

At Krum Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide array of lab testing including, but not limited to pre-anesthetic testing, wellness lab work, thyroid testing, urinalysis, liver monitoring, kidney function testing, and much more.

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