We offer a wide variety of routine and advanced surgical techniques. Every surgical patient will receive an examination on the day of surgery in order to properly manage that individual patient’s needs. We strongly recommended pre-surgical labs to help reduce and minimize the potential complications.

We custom tailor our anesthetic protocols for each patient every time they are anesthetized. We use their age, physical condition, and pre-existing medical issues to customize the safest anesthesia protocol.

We have a dedicated surgery suite with heated table, multiple surgical monitors, and a trained surgical technician assisting at all times. All surgical patients are closely monitored and vital signs are recorded constantly throughout the procedure and during recovery. The hospital staff furnishes excellent care at affordable prices for elective procedures such as spays and neuters. Our post operative care concentrates on patient comfort and pain management.

All our surgeries receive surgery buddies during recovery to help ensure they are as comfortable as possible during their recovery.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (940) 482-7151.