Your dogs and cats need dental care, too! Unfortunately, dental hygiene is sometimes overlooked as many owners expect their pet to have bad breath or plaque buildup normally. Home care, such as teeth brushing and water additives, is just as important to your pet’s overall care as things like exercise and nutrition. Detecting problems with your dog or cat’s mouth early will help prevent severe dental disease.

Here at Krum Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Lee will examine your pet’s mouth during every exam. She will be able to best recommend individualized proper home care that will best benefit your pet. Sometimes dental cleanings here at the clinic are recommended to make your pet’s mouth as healthy as possible. This is an anesthetic procedure where we will completely remove the plaque from each tooth, polish the tooth, apply a sealant to further protect against plaque buildup, and laser your pet’s gums to increase healthy blood flow to the mouth. CLICK HERE to watch a dental cleaning done at Krum Vet!

It is during this time that Dr. Lee would remove any infected or rotten teeth that could be causing your pet pain. We offer a 15% discount on these procedures every Wednesday! Call us today to schedule an exam to see if your pet could benefit from further dental care!!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (940) 482-7151.