Jess Avis – Veterinary Technician 


Jess started with Krum Veterinary in July 2018, and her favorite part of the job is connecting with the patients and their owners. She knew that she wanted to help animals since she was five years old, and practicing bandages on her childhood Rottweiler Bosco. Jess started out volunteering for her dog trainer when she was 14 and hasn’t left animal care ever since. She is currently attending the University of North Texas for a B.S. in Biology and satisfying all her pre-requisites for vet school. She grew up in Keller but currently lives in Denton with her Catahoula mix Juno, and three-footed bearded dragon Achilles.

Katlin Morrison – Veterinary Technician

Katlin joined KVH in August 2020. She started her career in veterinary medicine in 2014 as a receptionist in critical care practice. She began working as a tech in 2016 and thrives on providing excellent patient care and educating owners about caring for their pets. Katlin is a sucker for pit bulls and has two of them. When not working, she can be found playing lots of tug-o-war with Fletcher or snuggled up listening to true crime podcasts with couch-potato Dawson. She is also a licensed massage therapist. Between her work as a vet tech and a massage therapist, she truly has “healing hands.” Katlin is an outgoing, hard-working, sweet girl. However, do not underestimate her – she is also very strong-minded! We are happy to welcome her to our team!

Risa Knapp – Veterinary Technician

Risa grew up in Vermont and received my associate’s in Veterinary Technology from Vermont Technical College in 2018. Risa moved to Texas in 2020 for the weather and have been loving it. When I lived in the Northeast, I enjoyed ice fishing, but now I just enjoy regular fishing and hiking!