Kaitlyn Baird

KVH is thrilled to have Kaitlyn back on our team! She worked with us as a kennel technician before she left to go to A&M. She has recently graduated with her degree in Biomedical Science and is back home in Krum! She would love to go to vet school and is in the process of applying! She loves everything to do with vet med and wants to specialize in zoo medicine! Nothing more exciting than the thought of doing a dental procedure on a lion!! In her spare time, she loves trivia/game nights with friends! Kaitlyn, we are grateful to have you here until you start your journey towards becoming a DVM!!

Ashley Beverly

Ashley, born and raised locally in Justin, Texas. Her interest includes rabbit showing and anything dairy cattle. Ashley is a proud dog mom to three beautiful miniature schnauzers and is working towards being Licensed in Veterinary Technology.