Pistol Pete is our wild kitten that has his own fan club.  He and his 2 other siblings were dropped at our front door one night.  They were barely 2 weeks old and half starved.  As a collective effort by all our staff we were able to save them.  The other 2 kittens were adopted out but Dr. Lee has a fondness for orange so he got to stay.  He is named for the OSU mascot but it definitely fits his personality too.  Dr. Lee had once thought that Pete would live at her home but we soon found people stopping by just to say hi to Pete so he as quickly become one of our most popular Ambassadors.  We have decided to start a blog about the practice from his point of view.  He and Bandit are the best of friends and can be found causing trouble all over the hospital.  Smokey tolerates his existence but is too much of a princess to play with the likes of the boys.  Pete is very sweet and loves to be held and petted.  Stop by and visit him today.  We are considering getting him a guest book.  Also watch out for Pistol Pete’s points a blog about KVH.