Pistol Pete Here!

It’s been a moderately relaxing week here in my kingdom (KVH). Aside from Callan cutting back on my breakfast amount, I have been successful in my ruling! Today, I helped Dr. Lee with a new puppy who was feeling a little down. When this whipper snapper showed me his gum color I almost fell off of my throne!!

This, my friends, is the result of a nasty intestinal parasite called hookworms! This poor guy is very anemic (low red blood cells) because those pesky bugs are taking more than this puppy can handle. Dr. Lee to the RESCUE! He needed some dewormer and supportive therapy ASAP! Good thing I was well rested and had a full belly because “Kaos” needed a little calming down and reassurance from King Pete! Becoming Dr. Lee’s translator is going to require a reward one of these days… That’s hard work! I will keep you updated on this little tooter’s progress! He is in good hands!

Until next time,

KING Pistol Pete

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