Demodectic Mange…Not in my Kingdom!

Hello Cyber World!

I’ve been watching YouTube all morning and purrrrfecting my selfie skills. What did I do before I learned about the internet?! Check this out!!

Well this has been a busy week at KVH (and by busy, I mean the girls and Dr. Lee… I’ve been napping). Yesterday, a miniature schnauzer came to the clinic with complaints of itchy skin. There’s no room for parasites in my kingdom so I observed the exam to make sure that Dr. Lee got the correct diagnosis. She was quick to observe that the pattern of this poor schnauzer’s hair loss was consistent with Demodectic Mange. A skin scraping (ouch!) confirmed her diagnosis correct! I glanced at the microscope to be sure and this is what I saw:

What a nasty booger, glad we got him! We can’t allow those skin mites anywhere near my kingdom (or my bed!). Thanks for reading, see you next week!

KING Pistol Pete

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